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Data Journalism

3 Steps To Turn Any Data Analysis Into a Memorable Story

How our perception of Covid-19 has evolved over time through data visualizations

Back To The Future — Dolorean by Jason Leung

Getting Started

How to use GitLab step by step, even if you have never heard of Git before

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How you can use Google’s data warehouse to build homogeneous groups of individuals

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My journey as a graduate to find (and get) my dream job

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3 Reasons Why 2021 Is Definitely the Year To Start Your Own “BuJo”

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An update on the best data science podcasts available today

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A 3-step approach to tackle the problem of duplicates in databases

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And a Hands-on Example to Apply Them Right Away

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1. Visualize your query output

Marie Lefevre

Data Analyst @ papernest. Ex-Strategic Consultant in Germany. MSc. in Management @ ESSEC x Mannheim University.

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