Personal insights from a French writer on Medium

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I’m French. I used to live in Germany. And I have been writing in English on Medium for over a year now. I learned English at school and I have been practicing it ever since through reading, watching movies and going on holidays in the UK. However, I would not…

Getting Started, SQL Dialects: The What, the Why, the How

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server… Why do so many SQL dialects exist? And which one should you choose?

Looking for the right direction in the SQL jungle (Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash)

Whether you are a beginner in the field of database management or an SQL expert manipulating tables and views all day long, you may have already heard of barbaric terms about SQL like “Transact-SQL” or “PostgreSQL”. Why not simply “SQL” to talk about… SQL? By the way, do you pronounce…


Why not take a mid-year break to reflect on the current year?

Looking back to the beach — Photo by Michael Skok on Unsplash

We all know this tendency— not to say the pressure — to take the time at the end of December to take stock of the past year and to set goals for the next 365 days. I am no exception to this mass questioning of what I want to do…

A Discussion of the Intricacies of Two Job Titles

Example of a “Data Analyst / Scientist” job posting. Photo by author.

I recently came across a job offer entitled “Data Analyst / Data Scientist”. It immediately caught my attention for two reasons:

  1. I said to myself: “Wow! I would really love to work as a data analyst and as a data scientist”
  2. I thought: “Can anyone be actually both? I mean…

1. Identify — 2. Understand — 3. Act

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Who can claim to handle databases of impeccable quality and reliability every day? I personally cannot, and to be completely honest this is part of the reasons why I enjoy working as a data analyst. …

3 Steps to Understanding the Importance of White Space in Data Visualizations — And How To Apply Theory to Practice

Photo by Elena Joland on Unsplash

When looking at any data visualization, most of us first focus on what is displayed in terms of geometrical shapes, numbers, colors, etc. In a word: as humans, we intuitively tend to pay the most attention to the “wow” elements of a graph. …

Is publishing an article a day such a good idea, or is it just me wondering why I can’t do it?

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You have probably already come across many articles praising the benefits of publishing one article a day. Notice what I am saying here: I’m not talking about writing every day, I’m talking about publishing a new article every day. …

Here’s the story behind this line, and why it should also become your life motto.

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It was 11 PM. We were in our client’s office. I was a strategic consultant. As I despaired at the thought of not being home before midnight, I kept my head down and built this n-th PowerPoint slide to be ready for the presentation meeting the next day. …

How do you get back into programming after months (or even years) of hiatus?

Photo by Nadir sYzYgY on Unsplash

Stack Overflow’s latest Annual Developer Survey reveals that more than 63% of software developers interviewed have been coding professionally for less than ten years. Especially in the field of data science, professional transitions from and to jobs requiring programming skills have become common practice. What about the ones who once…

How simply changing the colors of a graph can lead to totally different interpretations

man in front of color wall
Photo by Mario Gogh on Unsplash

Every day the quantity of pictures, charts and infographics that each of us sees, analyzes and shares is tremendous. As an example, Domo estimated that every minute of the day Facebook users upload 470,000 photos on the platform (Data Never Sleeps, 2020). …

Marie Lefevre

Data analyst. Former strategic consultant. Sharing tips and lessons learned along my data science journey. Or simply telling personal stories.

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